The Story of Yankeestaff

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webbolivar.jpg (11322 bytes)webbolieteddy.jpg (17434 bytes)Hello!

WELCOME to my world -- the wonderful world of

English Staffordshire Bull Terriers!




My name is Nancy Malec and I have been breeding and showing Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1978.

My grounding in the breed came in the 'motherlode', Great Britain, where I lived for seven years while my husband was in the military. After

reading in the newspaper (incidentally, there are two dog newspapers that are published weekly in Great Britain) that the first show I was to

attend had a total entry of 9,000 I was sure it was a typo and that it really was 900. Wrong! Great Britain is dog show heaven with the largest

supported show (while I was in the country) having a combined entry of 17,000.


Then I decided that I must bring back a couple of champions. To make a long story short and impress those of you who are numbers freaks:

1. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was the ninth most popular breed at the time.

2. Staffordshire Bull Terriers were the most popular Terrier breed in Great Britain.

3. Staffordshire Entries at general championship shows and breed club shows went from 100 to 400+ per show.

4. There is no Best Of Breed --- Open Dog and Open Bitch include all the champions being shown plus the Champion Certificate winners and wannabees.

I bred my first litter in 1978 and by 1983, Tom and I were named Top Breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the United Kingdom.

What came in between was lots of work, time, travel and money. I was firmly dedicated to breeding sound, healthy, athletic animals that

were great fun and an extremely handsome classic type.


I lived in East Anglia and eventually became treasurer of the East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club (EASBTC), delegate to the Breed

Council, Co-Editor of the EASBTC newsletter, Feature Writer for the Stafford and general slave to my Staffs!


I bred two English champions and finished a third that came from a daughter of my foundation bitch, Astaff Clares Cassandra.


YANKEESTAFF BOLIVAR.jpg (386254 bytes)English and American Champion Yankeestaff Bolivar (Crufts CC winner 1984) was mated to

English Champion Ainsair Fancy Lass. It was a challenge to get her in the ring , all due to her

great athletic abilities and intensity in which she tried to ingest other canines---incidentally she

was my two toddlers' boys best friend and it was not unusual to find her in doodly boppers

(alien head gear!), cowboy hats, or the children's clothing.



The result of that mating produced two champions and a stud dog that precedes many of our most handsome Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

He was Yankeestaff Rough Rider who used to visit with Prince Edward when the Prince used the library at Jesus College where his owner was

a monitor of the rare books. Rough Rider would accompany his owner to work on a regular basis.


YankeestaffSerendipity copy.jpg (111180 bytes)English Champion Yankeestaff Serendipity was one of the most submissive people animals

I've seen and also one of the hardest biting and devious pursuers of other canines. "Teddy"

went Best In Show at the North West Championship show in an entry of over 400 Staffords.

(Our Mazda wagon came home loaded with trophies including a 5 footer!)


American Champion Yankeestaff Cajun Queen gave her owners many years of joy and fun.

Cajun was likened on occasion to the proverbial "dumb blonde!" In later life she learned to dive

into a deep pond and retrieve logs for sport.



I made many friends in Great Britain and in Israel (another story for another time) and judged many Staffords at many dog shows including

two breed club shows in Great Britain and the Bull Breeds Show in Israel.


I came back to the U.S.A in 1986 and since then have bred or owned more than 65 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Champions including Obedience

and Confirmation AND the first white and blue Champion ever in the breed, Champion Mystic Blue. Champion Yankeestaff Dillinger was

top SBT in the U.S.A. in 1995. Mexican Champion Yankeestaff Staffy Von Fraud CDX was a top obedience canine in Mexico.


I along with Jo and Alan Cannon, and Sean and Marcie Holbeche founded T.A.P.S. (Texas Association for the Preservation of the Stafford)

to encourage athleticism, soundness and good temperament in  Staffords. It's a great thrill for me to meet all the Yankeestaff pet owners

and Staff people everywhere and see how much they love their dogs, and to hear all the interesting antics their dogs get up to.


Without a doubt the most rewarding thing I have ever done with a SBT was going with Bolivar on his rounds as a licensed hospital visitation

dog at the VA hospital in San Antonio in the last 18 months of his life. I still tear up thinking of what great joy he brought to the disabled vets

and how much he enjoyed going there.


God Bless

Nancy Malec 804-210-1526